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Newsletter - Christmas 2023 - Rowena Kinread

Newsletter - Christmas 2023 - Rowena Kinread

‍Rowena Kinread

Rowena Kinread


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the 50cm of snow that, just last week, let us dream of a white Christmas this year, has melted. The sky is dark grey and rain is falling incessantly. Perfect writing weather!

2023 has been a mixed year for myself. An abscess on my bowel that, despite scans, MTs and a coloscopy, was not recognised by the various doctors I visited, finally burst on April 2nd.  An emergency operation culminated in heart failure. The doctors ignored my patient’s testament and when electric shocks did not help, gave me a huge amount of adrenalin to keep me alive, albeit it with the help of machines. Convinced that when the machines were turned off, I would not survive, my family were summoned to say their final farewells to me. Little did the doctors know that it needed a lot more than just this to keep me quiet, and as soon as I was removed from the machines, I started chatting!

A long, slow recovery followed with therapy four times weekly and much loving care from my family. Then I could happily start writing again.


Before all this happened, my second full length novel “The Scots of Dalriada”, was released on January 26th 2023.

The Scots of Dalriada

Fergus conceals himself as a stable lad on Aran and falls helplessly in love with a Scottish princess, already promised to someone else. Loarn crosses swords against the Picts. Angus designs longboats.



Always on the run the brothers must attempt to outride their adversaries by gaining power themselves. Together they achieve more than they could possibly dream of.


Fergus Mór (The Great) is widely recognised as the first King of Scotland, giving Scotland its name and its language. Rulers of Scotland and England from Kenneth mac Alpín until the present time claim descent from Fergus Mór. Full of unexpected twists and turns, this is a tale of heart-breaking love amidst treachery, deceit and murder.

Available a paperback, e-book and
on kindle unlimited.

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I enjoyed writing this book as my ancestry research suggests that my family are descended from the Dalriada Clan. Very few facts are known about this era, so it was a fictive “It could’ve have been like this” interwoven with the historical facts that are known.


Unfortunately, during writing, the whole team at Pegasus Publishers changed. I wasn’t very happy with the new editors and so I did not renew my contract with them.


The Scots of Dalriada had been long delayed before finally being published in January 23. During the delays I had nearly finished my latest book The Matchstick Boy and after my illness I just needed to polish it up a bit.


The idea of writing this book came after reading an article in a local newspaper about the opening of a new Matchstick Factory Museum in Frutigen. The opening had been delayed because of Corona. I was astonished that such a model country as Switzerland, had such a dark past.


It was published on October 10th 2023 by Goldcrest Books.

I was thrilled to bits to be awarded a silver medal in the category ‘Best historical mystery 2023’ at the beginning of December.


**Winner of the Coffee Pot Book Club Silver Award for Historical Mysteries **‍



The Matchstick Boy: Jakob, a simple farmer, is determined to gain justice for his daughter, against the odds.


When his young brother, Josef, is killed by a rock avalanche, Jakob believes it is murder. He had seen someone on the mountain ridge, above the scree, before it began to roll. But who would want to kill a child, and why? Jakob suspects Ramun, the privileged son of the owner of a matchstick factory, but nobody takes him seriously and he is powerless to obtain justice.

Thirty years later, Jakob’s profoundly deaf daughter is raped by Ramun and becomes with child. Determined to gain justice for his daughter, Jakob unearths a myriad of well-kept secrets in the tight-lipped community, but is anyone willing to tell the truth?

Just as he thinks he has uncovered all the facts, he realises he has made a vital mistake all along. Nothing is really as it seems.

Available a paperback, e-book and on kindle unlimited.

The German translation was published on December 6th 2023.


Yesterday it reached the Amazon Bestseller-Rank Nr. 6 in Schweizer Geschichte (Bücher) (Swiss History)
Nr. 46 in Literaturkritik - Deutsche Literatur

Last but not least I am happy to disclose to my German readers that my website is now available in the German language.

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