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The Scots of Dalriada by Rowena Kinread June 02 - 05 2023

Intrigue, lies, dreams, treachery, romance, and brotherly bonds weave with a rich, historical setting and a create a tale to sink into. This is a saga, which is set during the 5th century of Irish and Scottish history. While the main plot centers around Fergus Mor (also considered the first King of Scottland), his two brothers, Loarn and Angus, hold quite a bit of importance as well. Then, there's the half-brother, whose own desires and intentions threaten to ruin anything and everything the three brothers achieve.

This isn't a straight-forward story, but as is with real life, many aspects are constantly at play. A rich weave of secrets, lies, hopes, and the desire to survive drive the tale forward as obstacles mount and every achievement seems to come with a heavy price. The relationships draw in and hit the heart, while battles rage and dangers lurk in the shadows. And all the while, the historical aspects sink in with natural finesse and create a vivid world. It's a grabbing read,

Instagram: @tdrecker Twitter: @Tdrecker Read on web... On Goodreads review. Leading Reviewer Tour Guide's Pick: Top Review 11 June 2023 Page 1 of 4 12 other posts collected during Tour Amy's Bookshelf Reviews '... Both thrilling and intriguing, all the way to the end. The Scots of Dalriada is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.... ' Amy's Bookshelf Reviews Read post... Superstar Reviewer Instagram: @amysbookshelfreviews Twitter: @ABSR_amyreviews On Also on Goodreads.
Avonna Loves Genres '... an entertaining and enlightening story of a period I had previously known nothing about.... ' Avonna Loves Genres Read post... Superstar Reviewer Twitter: @avonnalovesgen1 On Goodreads review.
Barry Litherland '... Was I ever tempted to push the book aside and stop reading it? No... ' Barry Litherland Read post... Reviewer Instagram: @Barry.Litherland Twitter: @BWLitherland On Building in the Badlands '... I also loved the horse: it would be worth reading the book just for that story, though it creeps in gently and takes a while to work out.... ' Building in the Badlands Read post... Ace Reviewer *
On 11 June 2023 Page 2 of 4
Carly Rheilan '... I loved the two key women of this story - the first an older woman who brings Fergus's father to manhood, the second the girl with whom Fergus falls in love... ' Carly Rheilan Read post... Ace Reviewer * Twitter: @crheilan On Goodreads review.
D.K. HUNDT '... Rowena Kinread’s second novel…centers around four Princes of Dalriada—Fergus, Loarn, Angus, and their half-brother, Cartan, who’s venomous ways thrust his three younger brothers into exile.... ' D.K. HUNDT Read post... Ace Reviewer Goodreads review. David's Book Blurg '... The best kind of historical fiction is the kind that feels real makes you feel each tragedy, each bit of passion.. each gut wrenching turn. The Scots of Dalriada certainly ticks all the boxes.... ' David's Book Blurg Read post... Trusted Reviewer Instagram: @DavidsBookBlurg Twitter: @DavidsBookBlurg Just Reviews '... Loyalties are tested, lives are lost in battles and Dalriada is caught between Ui Neill on one side and the Dalfiatch on the other.... ' Just Reviews Read post... Ace Reviewer *
Twitter: @franellena Marian L Thorpe '... Within the narration are some lovely descriptions: ‘the leather bridles…polished until they shine like dogs’ noses.’... ' Marian L Thorpe Read post... Leading Reviewer * Instagram: @marianlthorpewriter Twitter: @marianlthorpe On Goodreads review.
Romances of the Cross '... good for people interested in Historical Fiction and especially an underappreciated figure from Scottish History.... ' Romances of the Cross Read post... Reviewer *
Instagram: @DominaAnglicus Twitter: @EnglishLady15 On Goodreads review. 11 June 2023 Page 3 of 4 Twila's Reviews '... The story reads with immense authenticity, and leaves the reader caring about this distant time, distant country and distant people. An epic achievement.... ' Twila's Reviews Read post... Ace Reviewer On Goodreads review.
Zea Perez Author '... a rousing book of historical fiction ...A relevant and entertaining read!... ' Zea Perez Author Read post... Leading Reviewer * Twitter: @ZeaPerez3 Goodreads review. Instagram: Twitter: CoffeeAndThorn Cofee and Thorn Book Tours Only the best books.... 11 June 2023 Page 4 of


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