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Murder in Munich - Rowena KinreadThe Queen‘s Nursing Institute

is a registered charity that, among other good causes, supports those who support us. I would like to donate £1000,00. I cannot run a marathon nor can I even push a walking frame round my back garden, so I wrote a short story. All proceeds are for the QNI. Please help me reach my target. Please share this post and ask your contacts to share too.

Goal to reach: 1000,00 Euro

Royalties so far:
November 2022: 45,00 Euro
January 2023:  80,00  Euro

Murder in Munich on Amazon:

"When Nurse Stefanie meets a dog in the park on her way to work one morning, little does she realise that this encounter will help her solve a murder case and to find the love of her life."

Mord in München Rowena Kinread

A huge thankyou in this place to Anne Anderland of Anderland Books for translating this story into German completely free of charge.

MORD IN MÜNCHEN: Eine Kurzgeschichte

"Als die Krankenschwester Stefanie eines Morgens auf dem Weg zur Arbeit einen Hund im Park findet, ahnt sie nicht, dass diese Begegnung ihr helfen wird, einen Mordfall zu lösen und die Liebe ihres Lebens zu finden."

Kurze Geschichte, ideal zur Überbrückung der Wartezeit beim Arzt oder auf dem Heimweg. Auch zum Vorlesen für ältere Verwandte oder Menschen mit Sehbehinderung geeignet.


Mord in München bei


Mord in München Rowena Kinread

Mystery Next Door: It could have been the perfect murder... (Murders in Munich Book 2)

It could have been the perfect murder... had not Nurse Steffi run out of coffee!

Another crime for Nurse Steffi and Kommissar Anderson to solve.
A short story and Book Two in the series Murders in Munich.



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