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The Wimbach bridge and Ramstein church.

25 detectives arrive in Berchtesgaden for a week’s team training. They are met by their coach who sends them up the mountain, by foot, to their hostel. When they arrive, there are only 24 detectives; a young woman has disappeared.

An Argentinian mountaineer falls to his death from the Watzmann. Why was he travelling without a passport or luggage?

A young girl finds a gold bar whilst swimming in the Königssee.

The Kripo (criminal police) begin to investigate but find themselves struggling when three days later two further detectives from the group are found murderednear the Archenkanzel. Are these events linked together, and if yes, how?

They ask the Special Alpine police force for assistance.

Detective Matteo Stocker unravels a mystery whose roots began at the time of Hitler.




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