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A Captivating Journey Through Time: "Horse" by Geraldine Brooks

horseGeraldine Brooks, known for her masterful storytelling, takes us on a captivating journey through time in her thought-provoking novel, "Horse." Set against the backdrop of war and exploration, Brooks weaves together a rich tapestry of history, human relationships, and the extraordinary bond between humans and horses.
The narrative unfolds through the eyes of different characters, each providing a unique perspective and contributing to the depth of the story. From a Roman cavalryman during the height of the Roman Empire to a young Australian soldier in World War I, Brooks skilfully intertwines their tales, demonstrating the enduring connection that exists between humans and these majestic creatures.

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The Scots of Dalriada by Rowena Kinread June 02 - 05 2023

Intrigue, lies, dreams, treachery, romance, and brotherly bonds weave with a rich, historical setting and a create a tale to sink into. This is a saga, which is set during the 5th century of Irish and Scottish history. While the main plot centers around Fergus Mor (also considered the first King of Scottland), his two brothers, Loarn and Angus, hold quite a bit of importance as well. Then, there's the half-brother, whose own desires and intentions threaten to ruin anything and everything the three brothers achieve.

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The Scots of Dalriada  by Rowena Kinread 

The Scots of Dalriada takes place in 5th century Ireland and Scotland and tells the fictional story of the legendary king Fergus Mór. Recorded Irish history begins with the introduction of Christianity and Latin literacy, beginning in the 5th century. Most of my research however, relied on sources written much later.

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Did the Gaels know about poisons? The answer is yes! The Greeks wrote about poisons as early as the 5th century BC. In Athens, in the ancient world, a drink composed of strongly poisonous hemlock was used at executions. The fruit was shelled, crushed and the powder sprinkled upon a beaker of water. The condemned drank the beaker empty, thus killing himself.

In the Scots of Dalriada, Cartan murders his brother Mongan using hemlock. He knows that Mongan is wary of him, and deceives his brother by feeding the hemlock to quail which Mongan then eats.

Review for The Scots of Dalriada from Cathie Dunn, an award-winning and Amazon-bestselling author.

The Scots of Dalriada - Rowena Kinread

Whilst I know quite a bit about medieval Scotland, my knowledge of the earlier centuries is somewhat vague. So it was with great interest that I picked up this novel, and I was not disappointed.

The Scots of Dalriada is the tale of three brothers, and of the migration of the Scoti people from Ireland to western Caledonia. So just how did the Scots arrive in Scotland?

The story begins with Erc, Fergus’ father, in Ireland. When he is married to a ’much older’ woman aged 15, for alliances, his life changes forever. His own father is ambitious, and personal contentment are not on his list of favours. 


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